It’s time to make an online will!

You’re young a just starting your career. You’ve got a bright future ahead of you, and the world has so much in store for you. Which is why the concept of a will might seem wholly unrealistic to you at the moment. ‘A will?’, you scoff, ‘I think it’s going to be a long time before I need one.’ It’s about time you made a will, and it’s as easy as using a free will kit online!

Really? Are you sure about that?

You never know when your time will come

In this scenario, I find it more productive to be as blunt as possible: You could, in reality, die at any moment. I’m not paranoid; I’m just stating the simple facts. Sure, the average human life expectancy is around 60-70 years old, but there is no guarantee YOU will live to see that age. There is no guarantee you will live to see tomorrow either. All of this may sound scary, but the truth is frightening.

Which is why you would do well to prepare yourself before your time comes.

Drafting a will makes things easier for those you leave behind

Your testament will affect those you leave behind in this world far more than it ever will affect you. But do not think of your will as a burden on your loved ones. On the contrary, drafting a will beforehand actually makes it easier for your loved ones once you are gone; with your will as a guide, the entire process of sorting out your burial, a division of property, etc. can be quickly sorted out, making the ordeal less stressful for your loved ones. Not to mention that by writing a will you get to distribute your assets according to your wishes among your loved ones exactly how you wanted, instead of according to the law (which can diverge from your wishes more often than not).

Any last wishes?

Don’t think of your will as a financial document that will divide up your assets. Instead, think of it as more of the last message or a documented farewell. You can use your will to appoint an executor, the person you entrust to carry out your wishes as dictated on your will. Want to leave something to a dear friend outside of your immediate family? A will is the only way this is ensured. Want to buried in a specific way or a specific place? You executor will do his best to carry these wishes out.

It’s not that complicated

Perhaps the biggest deterrent to writing a will that people face is their belief that drafting one is a highly complicated process. This could not be further from the truth. All you need to have a document stating your final wishes be considered as a legally-authentic will is just having it written and signed by you in a stable, conscious state of mind and two adult witnesses (who will not receive anything in your will), and you’re good to go. There are even free will forms available that you can use to draft your will right now!

It doesn’t make any sense to wait for more.

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